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Don't Worry About Tax Reporting

E-računi does all the work for you. We offer you automatic reporting to tax authorities.

VAT Reporting

Value added tax (VAT) reporting can be tiresome and time wasting part of your job. But with the help of E-računi it becomes simple and you get to do the things that really matters in your business.

Yearly Tax Reporting

When a fiscal year is heading to its end, you may have stronger headache day by day. You realize it's that time of year you have to "put everything together" and do it absolutely correct or else you can get into trouble with authorities. E-računi works like a charm. Not only it will do all this work for you automatically and send the reports to the authorities, it also cures your headaches.

Automatic and Standardized

E-računi offers automatization throughout the application and accounting tasks you must do. Each and every time it helps you in such manner, it does in such way all the regulations and standards are included and taken care of. Final reports and exports are ready to be send to authorities.

Try it now, it's free!