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Instant Travel Orders

Travel expenses module is integrated in other modules in such way it allows you quick and simple tracking of travel expenses.

At Your Fingertips

You can quickly and simply create a travel order and track travel expenses from other connected modules. Create travel order right there where you need it.

Paying Your Travel Expenses

All the travel expenses can be payed systematically through on-line banking module or through cash register module.

Customizable Travel Orders

Customize your travel orders to look exactly the way you want them to look. You can add your logo and change the style, as well as the content itself.

Advanced Travel Expenses System

Travel expenses aren't only travel orders itself. The whole system is much more, as it allows you to add and manage travel reports and other important information.

Enter Data Once, Use It Many Times

System is designed in such way it allows you to process travel expenses and create travel orders quickly. Your business vehicles, locations and other repeating data is entered only once. Next time you need it, you can simply select it and don't need to waste your valuable time typing the same data in all over again and again. This kind of system leaves no room for errors either.

Up-to-date Data

E-računi is always using up-to-date and official data you'll need when calculating travel expenses.

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