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Track Every Tick and Every Tack

Tick-Tack. Another second gone by and you haven't captured it. Don't worry, with E-računi you can capture every important second you and your employees spend on a specific business projects.

Simple Time Tracking

E-računi is offering a simple, not-in-your-way time tracking module. You can quickly enter working hours you've spend working on a specific project.

Stay On Your Budget

Every working hour can have its specific value in money. By tracking hours you and your employees spent working on a specific project, you are able to tell how much the project actually costs. And with that information, you can see if you're still on the budget you've planned or agreed upon with your client.

Make Use Of It

Data itself is useless if you don't turn it into information and documents. E-računi takes care of both. You can see how much time you've spent on a certain projects, which of the employees worked on the project and other such information. You can also, with a few clicks, put this working hours as an item on a invoice, which you then send to your client.

Try it now, it's free!