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Do Everything Inside One Application

Literally everything: from creating and managing payroll to payments for your workers and reporting to tax authorities. Everything, all inside E-računi.


Although it really is simple, you can create and manage truly advanced payrolls, containing everything from wages, salaries, bonuses and deductions.

Paying to Your Employees

You can not only create payrolls, but take care of paying for every item on it using E-računi. E-računi connects directly to your on-line banking provider and allows you to export your pay order to your banking software.

Reporting to Tax Authorities

Salaries and wages are also a subject of tax and other governmental authorities, so accounting legislations says we must report about payrolls to these organisations. With E-računi, this kind of reporting is standardized, in sync with latest legislation and - really simple.

Work Time Tracking

Payroll is usually based on your workers' working our and efforts they put in. You can track all working hours and see exactly how many hours an employee spent on a specific project.

Try it now, it's free!