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Clients And Partners Have Never Been So Close

Although E-računi is an accounting software, we all know it's not strictly about the numbers in business. Business are people. Your partners and your clients. That's why we included them into E-računi also.

Take Care of Your Clients

At the end of the day, your clients are everything that's keep your business up and running. E-računi offers you a simple and effective way to keep all the data from your clients in an organized database. You can easily search within your clients, manage contact data and also keep notes about history of contacts with your clients.

Know Your Business Partners

There are always two sides of your business. And on the other side of your clients there are your business partners. Your suppliers, your co-workers, your co-investors and others. Make sure you keep all the right data about them and keep track of your history. You should really know the people you thrust with your business.

Quick and Simple Editing

You don't have to know all the data of your partner or client. Company name or its tax number is enough for E-računi to get most of other data from different kinds of national databases. In this way, you are able to add a new partner or a client in a mater of seconds.

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