API Reference & Documentation

API Accounts and Authentification

In order to use web services API you need to activate web services in the settings of the organization. After enabling web services, you'll be given a unique identification and authentication token for the database of the organization.

For every API request you send, you'll need the following:

 • username for the API account that will be using web services
 • MD5 hash for the password for that account (use API developer to generate hash or follow instructions below on how to generate MD5 password hash)
 • the web services API token for the organization

API request examples

API requests can be sent using HTTP requests with either JSON or XML syntax as shown in the examples below. Please note that the URL of the API endpoint for your organization can be different than in the example below. Refer to live API test console to get the correct API endpoint URL for your organization.

JSON request

POST /WebServices/API HTTP/1.1
Host: eurofaktura.com
Content-Type: application/json

        "username": "john",
        "md5pass": "8b29582ce0a1e85da0c574d218acb900",
        "token": "341026F063054A129569212F3C9D01C6",
        "method": "SalesInvoiceGet",
        "parameters": {
                "number": "2022-00001",
                "date": "2024-07-20"

XML request

POST /WebServices/API HTTP/1.1
Host: eurofaktura.com
Content-Type: application/octet-stream

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <login username="john" md5pass="8b29582ce0a1e85da0c574d218acb900" token="341026F063054A129569212F3C9D01C6" />
        <method name="SalesInvoiceGet">
                <parameter name="number" value="2022-00001" />
                <parameter name="date" value="2024-07-20" />

To generate the MD5 password hash you can use the md5sum command on Linux as shown below. In the example MD5 password hash is generated for the user with username "john" and password "pass123". The username has to be in UPPERCASE while the password has to be exactly as it is set.

# echo -n "JOHNpass123" | md5sum

API can be used by any user account owning privileges for using the API. API user is limited to the same functionality which is available in the normal GUI login mode.
Default web services API is limited to a maximum of 1 request per second per IP. A burst of 4 consequtive requests is allowed followed by a pause until 4 seconds period expires. Concurrent API requests coming from a single API user account are not allowed. Before sending another request you have to wait until the previous API request is finished. If you need to send requests concurrently you will need to create additional API user accounts to allocate the needed request pool and implement request pooling with queue on the client side according to your needs.